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Coral reefs are perishing in recent times all over the world. Reefs are an important part of marine ecosystems because they provide food, shelter, and breeding grounds for a variety of species. Coral Planting is a technique for growing coral growths that can be used to help rebuild reefs around the world. 

Please join us and assist us. Your contribution enables us to carry out activities that are in line with our goal of conserving coral reefs in Malaysia. Your  contribution will be used to support our programmes in the areas within which we collaborate.

Coral Gallery

Coral reefs are important and unique ecosystems that are self sustaining and it can provide unlimited resources to us. Coral propagation is a process of introducing and distributing coral genes in areas previously devastated by human development or adverse environmental conditions. By propagating corals we can create a naturally growing habitat . that is self sustaining for all marine organisms which inhabits it. Self sustaining means that the structures of the reefs become source of sustenance as well as shelter for its inhabitants.

Diving in a Coral Garden

Coral Propagation Program

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The Ocean Quest Global training program is the most comprehensive coral reef rehabilitation education system in the world. There is no other known coral rehabilitation that is more complete than the Ocean Quest Global education system. This accomplishment is made possible with tangible field results and forty years of field experience. Standing on this foundation is the highest ethical known in environmental restoration practices.
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Coral propagation is one area that can spearhead knowledge development pertaining to corals, coral reefs and the marine ecosystem. It generates interest among the participant to improve diving skills to perform the tasks involving coral propagation. By propagating corals also the participants will gain first hand information and experience of coral biology. This can propel them to take up higher coral education that eventually allows them to facilitate their own coral propagation programs.