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Green Economy

Green Economy

Humans are demonstrating that a more sustainable economy is achievable by working together.

Green Economy is the use of environmental science to conserve natural resources and the environment and control the negative effects on daily activities for species of the human race. Sustainable development is at the core of environmental technology which means solutions need to take into account social, economic and environmental aspects.

Sustainable Development

The role of Green Economy, Sustainable Consumption and Production and Resource Efficiency for Sustainable Development: Sustainable Consumption and Production aims to improve production processes and consumption practices to reduce resource consumption, waste generation and emissions across the full life cycle of processes and products – while Resource Efficiency refers to the ways in which resources are used to deliver value to society and aims to reduce the amount of resources needed, and emissions and waste generated, per unit of product or service. The Green Economy provides a macro-economic approach to sustainable economic growth with a central focus on investments, employment and skills.