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Welcome to November and here, We attach e-certificates of achievement for participants who managed to get a passing score of 50% and above in the quiz in conjunction with the World Vegan Day which will be held soon. If you want to get our special certificate, you should always be prepared as we will provide the quiz link right at 12.00 noon. For everyone’s information, for those who have not yet registered as a VIP Member of Econinja.my, the quiz is limited to 500 initial entries only and the quiz link will be provided on Whatapps, Telegram and followed on Facebook. For registered members (VIP) of Econinja.my, you can answer the quiz on the Econinja Academy Website and if you pass, the certificate will be given automatically. For any members who have not yet joined our whatsapp and telegram group, can click this link: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/econinja.my/ Whatsapp: https://bit.ly/Econinja10 Telegram: https://bit.ly/EconinjaTelegram…

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1 Family 1 TreeNature Conservation Forces

As part of the Malaysia Greenery Program (Program Penghijauan Malaysia) 2021-2025, Econinja will plant 25,000 trees in Sireh Park to offset carbon in Malaysia. Thus, by maximizing our capacity to effect change between now and 2025, we can shape a brighter future for people and our planet. So join us now to bring change to the nature by participating in our tree planting project.

Benefits  :-

Free E-Certificate
Free Econinja membership for 2 people