Monthly fees RM6.90.

Annual fee RM 69.00.

Plant 12 trees in 3 months.

Monthly fees RM9.90.

Annual fee RM 99.00.

Plant 12 trees in 3 months.

Fees RM2,500

Sponsor purchases 220 saplings

1 Family 1 TreeNature Conservation Forces

As part of the Malaysia Greenery Program (Program Penghijauan Malaysia) 2021-2025, Econinja will plant 25,000 trees in Sireh Park to offset carbon in Malaysia. Thus, by maximizing our capacity to effect change between now and 2025, we can shape a brighter future for people and our planet. So join us now to bring change to the nature by participating in our tree planting project.

Benefits  :-

Free E-Certificate
Free Econinja membership for 2 people